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    Griddle Screen for griddle cleaning or for use after using GrillBrik®. For best effect use the Griddle Screen with a Griddle Pad. Griddle should be 100°c or less. The Griddle Pad allows the particles from the griddle to soak up through the Griddle Screen keeping the screen from clogging. Griddle Pad holders available to protect hands from grease and burns. Griddle Pad is one of the best pads on the market for light griddle cleaning and polishing due to heat-resistant resins. When used alone on a warm griddle, this pad will do light cleaning and polish the griddle surface to bring back the shine. Griddle Pad Holder 101098 uniquely different, manufactured from high heat-resistant plastic to protect hands from grease and burns. The gripping ‘teeth’ hold the Griddle Pad firmly in place. Griddle Pad/Screen Holder 101098 designed with a metal textured base to grip pad with a plastic handle to protect hands from burns. It is designed for use only with a Griddle Pad and a Griddle Screen for effective cleaning.