Solve your biggest warewashing problems with automatic tracking of key performance metrics, an intuitive new dishmachine monitor and actionable reporting and alarms. The EcoLab Apex™ Warewashing Programme offers foodservice operators maximum control over their warewashing results and total costs.


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Apex Pot & Pan Soak (3x2.27Kg)
Retail: £277.42
Price: £277.42
Availability: Discontinued
EcoLab Item #: EL-9080010 -

    Apex� Pot and Pan Soak features an alkaline formula that removes stubborn, baked-on soils. It�s formulated to be safe on hands while effectively removing blackened carbonized build-up and adding metal protection to prolong the life of pots and pans. This product is focused towards customers who run pots and pans through the dishmachine rather than washing in 3-compartment sink. Apex Pot and Pan Soak helps your customers save time and labor by removing hard-to-remove soils and reducing the...

    EcoLab Apex Presoak Solid Detergent NC 1.8KG (3 Pack)
    Retail: £223.14
    Price: £211.14
    Availability: Discontinued
    EcoLab Item #: EL-9080180 -

      The Ecolab APEX Range is the only range in commercial ware washing to provide true costs of use. with each commercial wash costing less than 1p, and providing stunning results, you can't afford not to use the APEX Range.Apex Technology delivers true cost per use as it prevents overdosing monitoring the chemical density of every wash cycle.Ecolab simply ensures their products will meet the all challanges of everyday commercial ware washing.