Quantity: 1

Code: BR-EcoM1

> Includes Installation

> Dilutes Up to for 1 chemical per station

* Requires Water mains with hose.

* MUST have 2 and 5 bar Pressure Gauge

Retail: £390.00
Price: £390.00


    The WRAS apporved ECOSHOT STANDARD is a proportioner that can dilute a chemical from a dispenser. Connected to a water mains, the flexible design makes these one-stop chemical dispensing stations the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments.

    Using our range of chemicals complete's this solution by providing a system that creates a self and safe manufacturing station.

    Simply add the super concentrate product to the Chemical cabinet and insert the hose available. Once the chemical is in the cabinet, Position a 500ml / 750ml 1ltr spray bottle to the dispensing hose of the EcoShot System. Press the button to dispense.

    The system mixes the chemical with water to desired dillution level set on installation, providing a very safe and economical solution without any loss of quality. The dispense system is accurate and minimises dripping after liquid has been dispensed.

    WRAS approved ECOMULTI STANDARD includes a Type DB backflow prevention device is designed in accordance with European Standard EN1717.