Dam Buster Drain Cleaner 1L | The Best Drain Cleaner

Dambuster drain cleaner is regarded as the best product for cleanings/ clearing blocked sinks and drains. It unblocks drains super-fast, the unique formula is created to be able to dissolve straight through grease, hair, cigarette ends, napkins and many other organic matter. This products can poured straight through water into the blockage. The chemical is created in an intelligent way that ensures it doesn’t harm any pipes.

This product comes as a 1-Litre bottle.

This drain cleaners can be used on drains, sink drains, bath and shower, toilets and more.

Always read the safety label on the product.

Caution:- Do not allow to stand in contact over porcelain surfaces, enamel, acrylic, gold, aluminum or chrome. Keep hands and face away from drain when using and allow adequate ventilation.

Never mix drain cleaner with other drain products or chemicals at any time. Do not add water to the content of this bottle. Never use a plunger with this product.


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Price: £9.85